Rain, Rain, Rain

May 22, 2020

The weatherman lied to us this week, was supposed to be 4-5 days of sunshine but ended up being 7 days of rain!   So our plans to cut and chop our ryegrass for silage got delayed.   All of our grass fields have loved this cool wet spring, pastures look the best they have ever looked.   The picture on the left is Diana standing in the ryegrass last week. The picture on the right is the same field that we cut for silage on April 8.   It’s more than ready for it’s second cutting. We only get 2 cuttings every 3-4 years or so. This year the grass started growing in February and hasn’t stopped. Calving is going well, 107 of the 226 spring cows have calved, so almost half way there.

David Fischer
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